Mind the gap

An analysis of emergency admissions of psychiatric patients ‚in times of corona‘ is underway. How did (and how does) the lockdown starting mid March affect mental health and by that the number of psychiatric emergencies? We don’t know yet, but preliminary findings suggest, that people in need of psychiatric care stay home or at least are not recognized by those around them.

Mind the gap – a small but significant reduction of the number of emergency admissions is seen especially in the first week of the lockdown. What will be the long-term effects?

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  1. In the current situation, it is difficult to carry out realistically accurate analyses of people or groups of people and their behaviour or their behaviour change, but I think that self-study and self-reflection can be good material to connect to new approaches.

    As you have already mentioned, for some people this can also be an advantage or a disadvantage of the pandemic and the subsequent current situation.

    The confrontation with one’s own inner self.


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